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Using Panorama Tools without a graphical helper application is very difficult. There are a number of GUI front-ends to make the process easier.

The following lists are in approximate order of creation (please re-arrange if inaccurate).

Basic control point pickers

  • PTPicker is a java application for creating control-points that superceded the bar code method (Freeware, Windows, Linux, Mac).

Full workflow management (including control point picking)



  • Panorama Tools Plugins still contain the original control-point selection process, this involved pasting little barcodes into source images and was extremely laborious (Open Source, Windows, Linux, Mac).
  • ControlPoints was a control-point selection tool (Freeware, Windows only).
  • PanoPoints was a control-point picker written in Perl (Open Source, Linux).

Full workflow management

Other specialist GUIs