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== Panotools Java Applet ==
There is an Open Source java applet in the original [Panotools] distribution. It works in most java enabled browser, including those with the real JVM from Sun and those with the bad Microsoft implementation.
Can somebody post a javascript code to test for the JVM presence please?
== Quicktime ==
No need to install software on the server side as far as I know. Can somebody post a javascript code to test for Quicktime presence please?
== IPIX ==
expensive and not recommended! Ipix has done a lot of harm to the panorama community in the past years. Read more at the [http://swpat.ffii.org/patents/effects/ipix/index.en.html FFII page]
== Other software ==
[http://www.immervision.com/ Immervision] has a free java applet with directionnal sound, animation and other advanced features which work with all JVM since version 1.1 (including IE and netscape ones). At this time this viewer is in Beta test version. ([http://www.immervision.com/multimedia/products/viewerG2java_us.php Applet Page])

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