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Building panotools for Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio

Pano13 and its helper applications can be build using Microsoft Visual Studio. For the following instructions, Visual Studio .NET 2003 was used. A free version of Visual Studio 2005 is available on it is probably possible to build panotools using this version as well.

Installing required dependencies

Building panotools requires some external libraries, such as libz, libtiff, libpng and libjpeg. Compiling them all by hand is quite cumbersome, an easier way is to download a wxWidgets source package and compile that. Note that wxWidgets itself is not required by panotools, we just use it because of the bundled libraries.

Compiling wxWidgets

Download the wxWidgets source archive for Win32 (wxMSW) from [1], and extract it to some folder on your harddrive. Create an environment variable named WXWIDGETS_HOME that points to the wxWidgets-xxxx directory, for example C:\source\wxWidgets-2.8.0 To do this, right click on My Computer, select Properties, switch to the Extended or Advanced tab, press the Environment Variables button and create a new enviroment variable with the proper title and locaction

Start the MSVC command line shell (from the startmenu, Visual Studio, Tools, Command prompt), and change the directory to the wxWidgets directory:

 cd wxWidgets folder
 cd build\msw
 nmake -f BUILD=release UNICODE=0 SHARED=0 RUNTIME_LIBS=static

After some time, building will be finished.

Install Java SDK

Download and install the Java SDK from [2], and create an environment variable JDK_HOME that points to the root directory of the JDK (most likely C:\Program Files\j2sdk1.5 or similar)

Download and install panotools

Get the sourcecode from the subversion repository, or download the latest pano13 source package[3]. Open the libpano.sln file, and select the Release configuration in the toolbar. Press F7 to build the panotools programs.