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(Digital panoramas)
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== Panorama theater, the painted panorama ==
-          Bordini, Silvia. Storia del panorama: La visione totale nella pittura del 19. secolo. Roma.  Officina, 1984.
-          Oetterman, Stephan.
The Panorama, history of a mass medium. Zone Books, New York 1997
== film panoramas ==
== film panoramas ==

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Here is a bibliography of all books ever written about panoramas or panoramic pictures.

Digital panoramas

- Bodin, Bertrand, e altri. Assembling Panoramic Photo. Paris, Editions Eyrolles, 2004.

Nice book, nice pictures, mainly Realviz Stitcher related, but interesting and well realized.

- Jacobs, Corinna. Interactive Panoramas: Techniques for Digital Panoramic Photography. Heidelberg (Germania), Springer Verlag, 2004. (English) Digitale Panoramen. Tipps, Tricks und Techniken für die Panoramafotografie,2003. (Deutsch)

Nice and detailed book on digital panoramas and objects composing, from shooting to displaying, including hardware and software tips and tricks.

- Kitchens, Susan A. The QuickTimeVR Book. Berkeley, Peachpit Press, 1998. (English)

One of the early book about QTvr panoramas, including detailed manual of QTVR-AS, and detailed QTVR scripting possibilities. One of the early code-bibles.

film panoramas

- Dusariez, Michel; Pierroux, Ludovic; Larsen, Lars R. 360° Panoptic photography experiments. Bruxelles, Michel DUSARIEZ Editions, 1996.

Nice panoramic-format self-printed book of sketches and instrction on how to selfbuild a rotational film panoramic camera. Some really interesting picures, penalized in quality by the selfprint, but may be still font of ispiration.

- Meehan, Joseph. Panoramic photography. New York, Amphoto Books, 1996.

Extremely useful and detailed book about panorama shooting with film, with a detailed listing of panoramic cameras, both rotational and nonrotational, including some custombuilt ones. Meehan touches also important keys about image composition and weight. Some great image.