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Please go and contribute to Development of Open Source tools#Hugin 0.7.0 release schedule.

The text below is a draft and is no longer up to date.

release 0.7.0

This list is based on testing svn2733 running on OSX.

showstoppers blocking 0.7.0 release

Please collect bugs (must be in tracker, include link) that must be fixed before 0.7.0 can be released.

  • ...

ought to be done 0.7.0

  • get the Option buttons working in the Stitcher tab
  • reduce image size to image content size for Stitcher cropped output
  • prevent modification of exposure information on merely clicking tabs

may be done for 0.7.0 if easily implemented

  • interpolator selection
  • flatfield file
  • correct top grey rim in enblend , however --fine-mask option is workaround

release 0.7.x

  • include antialiasing interpolators

release >0.7

  • lots of GUI items i.e.
    • histograms for intensity and RGB
    • mass handling of Control Points, specify areas where (not) to put them