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Maybe also interesting for this site:

(Translated by -- I hope this is clearly understandable)

Here are a few of the pano mishaps that have happened to me:

-- My first tripod was too light and wobbly when I turn around, the wind turns it over and I can only barely catch all the rubbish.

-- During the recordings I turn around the tripod and push my foot against it, so start over again.

-- I forget to level the tripod with the spirit level, all over again.

-- I let myself be distracted and forget a photo - not so bad in the sky or in bushes, not so bad in the horizon mostly the GAU - the whole scenery series is useless. Such distractions happen again and again.

-- Auto white balance was still enabled. Depending on the angle of view, the grass is sometimes yellow-green, sometimes blue-green.

-- The camera is unable to focus on monotonous subjects automatically, so there are a few pictures with blurred asphalt.

-- The camera is on strike and does not trigger any more (error code xxx). Get off the panorama head, get out the battery and reset it. Then start from scratch.

-- During the recording series, the prematurely empty battery must be replaced. Start all over again.

-- When handling the lens, accidentally touch the filter ring. The focus is adjusted manually and the 35-degree series is lost.

-- My remote release has a lock function, which unfortunately also locks inadvertently sometimes. If the camera is also accidentally in multi-frame mode, the photos suddenly rattle away one after the other.

-- The set ISO number (Exposure sensitivity) is not displayed in shooting mode. Have done a series with ISO 800 or above. The images will then become more "grainy", resulting in more noise.

-- The LCD display of the Canon EOS 350 D is not very bright and is also quite small. Changing the viewing angle also makes the image brighter or darker. An exact assessment of the exposure is thus hardly possible. Some series were already getting too dark.

-- The combination of time and aperture displayed in automatic mode "P" cannot simply be transferred to manual mode, as ISO 400 is always exposed in automatic mode. In manual mode, ISO 100 is better used to reduce noise. Some of the first Pano series were therefore completely underexposed.

-- You start with the 0-degree row and you're half round in a circle when the sun is shining, because one of the many beautiful Cumulus clouds hides the sun. Start again - otherwise the Pano will not fit together at the ends.

-- People walk through the scenery, in the Pano you may only see the trouser legs with shoes. With luck you can retouch.

-- The low sun causes large refraction (Lens-Flares)

-- CF card not empty

-- Forgotten CF card

-- Too few CF cards included

-- CF card formatted by another camera, cannot be written to

-- Lens scratched by slanted lens cap (Fisheye)

-- Tripod leg: A screw has loosened, the leg segments push together under load.

-- When shooting with the Tamron 18 - 250 mm, the focal length cannot be fixed and can change during shooting when tilting the camera.

-- Incidentally, all images taken in the automatic mode will become too dark.

-- Too much time difference when bracketing so that the brighter images are too bright.

-- Sensor spots are too clearly represented by the aperture selected too small

-- Too low resolution of the images set, instead of "L" or "RAW""S".

-- Moving objects in the image (e. g. swivelling crane), the images become too different.

-- Clouds that move too fast and are difficult to stitch.

-- Too little overlap due to incorrect adjustment of the detent on the panorama head

-- Self-timer activated, not bad, just before you switch it on, you have to wait longer.

-- Self-timer not activated, resulting in a large amount of body shadow in the image, which is harder to retouch than just the tripod shadow.

-- Self-timer not activated, resulting in blurred images with longer exposure time.

-- Zero position on the panorama head not noticed. The rows have the same number of shots, but the rows do not begin with the same horizontal degree number. But can be evened out when stitching.

-- Many recordings have failed, but the memory space can't be freed up so quickly, because the selective deletion of entire rows is not possible and the single deletion takes a long time.

-- The focus ring of the lens is too wobbly, if touched accidentally it can be adjusted and the images become blurred.

-- Screw on panorama head not secured, has been lost

-- Images taken in the reverse direction of rotation (from right to left). PTGUi arranges from left to right and can be used for the following purposes

Best regards

Harald Bendschneider