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Describe shortly what the software does. If it collaborates with other software, link to its internal wiki page. If you see the link red, please add that software also to the [Software_by_alphabet|alphabetic list] and if you can it would be nice if you could write something about it in its own page.

Supported systems and requirements

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Unix/Linux/FreeBSD
  • Java

Licensing terms and pricing

Freeware / Open Source / Shareware / Commercial Conditions of use, and price

Community Ressources

Add here in bullet points links to ressources INTERNAL to this wiki: tutorials, howtos, experience reports, parameter listing, code, etc.

External Ressources

Add here in bullet points links to ressources outside this wiki.


It is preferable to leave screenshots to the software's Home Page where they can better integrate with the layout. However, if you really want, please add SMALL screenshots.

User Comments

In this space, community users will write their own opinion about your software.

Add one or more categories here. You find a list of available categories on Special:Categories and a copy and paste example on the respective category page.