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Luminance HDR (originally named Qtpfsgui prior to version 2.0.0) is an open source graphical user interface for Pfstools that aims to provide a workflow for HDR imaging.

Supported HDR formats are:

  • OpenEXR (*.exr)
  • Radiance RGBE (*.hdr)
  • TIFF formats: 16 bit, 32 bit (float) and LogLuv (*.tiff)
  • RAW image formats (with various extensions)
  • PFS native format (*.pfs)

Supported low-dynamic range formats are JPEG, PNG, PPM, PBM and 8 bit TIFF.

Luminance HDR can be used for:

  • HDR file creation from a set of either JPEG, 8 and 16 bit TIFF or RAW images from the same scene taken at different exposure settings.
  • Loading, rotation, resizing, tonemapping and saving of HDR images.
  • Copying exif data between sets of images.

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