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This software isn't available any more.

The QuickTime VR Authoring Studio (aka QTVRAS) was a Classic only program by Apple to stitch images and output in different QuickTime VR formats.

QTVRAS replaced Apple's earlier solution for the creation of VR content, the "QuickTime VR Authoring Tools Suite" (introduced in 1996), and was sold in the initial release version 1.0 from 1997 until Apple ceased to sell PPC Macs. In 1998 Apple released the only update to version 1.0.1 which is available via Apple's knowledge base article #30817. QTVRAS still works in the Classic environment of OS X, i.e. only on pre Intel Macs. A later patch to increase the fov limit is available from Ken Turkowski's page about QuickTime VR Authoring Tricks. The cubic panorama format was introduced at a later time when third party software companies already had solutions to create QTVR movies.

QTVRAS had five modules:

  • Object Maker created object movies from several input images. These could also be captured with a video camera directly from the Object Maker interface. Images could be ordered, rows, columns and layers could be defined. Such movies tended to get huge since a lot of images where needed to avoid a jerky movement.
  • Panorama Maker converted PICT files with cylindrical projection to single or even multinode QTVR movie files.
  • Panorama Stitcher stitched cylindrical panoramas from a set of images with only a few options .
  • Project Manager helped to organise the complete workflow of VR projects.
  • Scene Maker connected different types of nodes with embedded hotspots, the result could be saved e.g. as a one file multinode movie.