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Thank you, we appreciate your help.

There are many ways to contribute to this community.

Are you new and want to learn?

  • Join mailing list and feel free to ask questions. Open an account and add the valuable replies you received to this wiki.
  • Keep track of your research and learning process. Consider adding the valuable links and other information you collected as well.

Have you stitched your first panoramas? Congratulations!

  • Consider posting them on the web to inspire more people to develop a passion for panorama photography.
  • Consider joining the world wide panorama and contribute to the showcase.

Are you an accomplished, expert panoramist?

  • By now you have joined the relevant mailing list - consider giving peer support to those less experienced than you.
  • Share your knowledge. If you do not yet have one, open an account, provide an email adress for confirmation, confirm and start adding content to this wiki.


  • if you do not take pictures yourself but like our artwork, mention it!
  • Link from your blog / personal pages / etc. to pages where you see panoramas such as the world wide panorama.
  • e-mail links to your friends.
  • Please respect artist copyright link to the artwork, do not copy it or use it on your websites without explicit artist permission.


  • if you are a commercial vendor of panorama related equipment and software, we would like to hear from you!
  • Chances are that your products are discussed here.
  • Feel free to join the discussions of your products and share with us relevant information.
  • Please respect the community's independence and the opinions expressed on these pages. We reserve the right to take down blatant sales pitches.