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This software isn't available any more.

PanoLink (archive.org link) is a program for linking Quicktime cubic movies into virtual tours. It works under all Windows versions. Although it's small (executable is about 20 KB in size) it's selfcontaining - you don't need any other programs/libriaries to run it. The program has no GUI and works in the following way:

  1. First you drag and drop your movie onto the program icon/shortcut - it splits the movie onto six cube faces;
  2. Next you need to create the script explaining location of hotspots and links properties:
    1. If you need just rectangular hotspots all work is done through the script only;
    2. If you need free shape hotspots you paint them with an external image editor and supply just links properties to the script;
  3. Finally just drag and drop the script onto the program icon/shortcut to get a hotspotted QuickTime movie.

With PanoLink you can:

  • create up to 255 hotspots on any cube faces;
  • create three types of hotspots;
  • create rectangular hotspots with built-in painter (quick way);
  • create free form hotspots with external image editor (slower);
  • preserve all source movie's user data.

PanoLink may not work with:

PanoLink was:

  • very small and quick (it creates and paints large hotspot tiles quicker than any image editor can open them).
  • the only Windows program to create 100% PTViewer (Java) compatible hotspots - you could view the same QuickTime movie with QuickTime or Java.
  • distributed under a "Single User License" at the introductory price of $25.00 US.