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PanoCube officially isn't available any more.

Since June 2001 PanoCube (archive.org link) converts multiformats panos to Quicktime Cubic Projection movies. Freeware (Windows) and more featured shareware (Windows, Linux) versions are available. The only program not depending on QuickTime libriaries - runs virtualy on any computer, even from floppy (size is about 20-30 Kbs). The only native Linux pano to QuickTime converter.

Features common for all versions:

  • Converting of JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PAN equirectangular panoramas to QuickTime MOV;
  • Custom QuickTime MOV parameters - size, initial view, compression;
  • HTML code generation to embed a movie into your site.

Additional features of shareware ($10.00) "Plus" version (Windows, Linux):

  • Custom user's data like movie name, author, copyrights, date, comments ... can be embedded into a movie;
  • Colour preview track;
  • Outputs only "high quality" enabled movies for better experience on 16bit monitors;
  • Possibility to protect your movies from further editing;
  • Any one sprite track (autorotator, sound ...) can be added;
  • Converts an equirectangular panorama to six cube faces for editing and then assemble this faces into QuickTime movie;
  • Assembling of QuickTime movie from externally prepared JPEG cube faces without altering of them;
  • Assembling of QuickTime movie from externally prepared JPEG2000 cube faces without altering of them;
  • Converts vertical 1:6 BMP strip of cube faces (outputed from PhotoVista or Panoweaver for example);
  • Converts JPEG compressed QuickTime cubic movies to equirectangular TIFF panoramas;
  • Ability to create scaled (down/up) movies from the same master source panorama;
  • Optimized tiles placing in a movie file for maximum possible download feedback;
  • Variable tiles compression - each of tiles can have different compression rate - to create smallest possible file with maximum possible quality;
  • Batch processing for all modes - just drag and drop folder with files to convert all of them;
  • Batch processing of two lines PTStitcher scripts - for removing distortions, remapping;
  • 100% PTViewer (Java) compatible movies - non tiled, placed in the right order. If tiles order have changed (due optimization, see above) the program outputs valid PTViewer's param "order" - just cut and paste it into your site to get things working;