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hugin_lensdb is a maintenance tool for Hugins camera and lens database.

The database is automatically filled when stitching a project file from Hugin. Entries can also manually added from Hugin and calibrate_lens_gui.

The information are used when adding image files to a project. Distortion and vignetting data can also manually loaded inside Hugin.


 hugin_lensdb [--recursive] --populate BASEPATH

Fills the database with information from all pto files in BASEPATH. With the switch --recursive the search goes also into all subfolders.

 hugin_lensdb --compress

Compresses the database by replacing all single entries with the average values.

Database maintenance

hugin_lensdb provides also some functions to maintain the database. Use these functions with responsibility.

 hugin_lensdb --export-database=FILENAME

Exports all entries of the database into the given (text) file.

 hugin_lensdb --import-from-file=FILENAME

Import the entries of the given (text) file into the existing database.

 hugin_lensdb --remove-lens=LENS

Removes all entries for the given lens from the database. For cameras with fixed lens use MAKER|MODEL as search string.

 hugin_lensdb --remove-camera=MAKER|MODEL

Removes all entries for the given camera from the database.