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Google Summer of Code 2009: Layout Model project

This project will make Hugin aware of what sort of layout the input images of a panorama take. The layout model would consist of information about bracketing, the number of images that make up each row, what direction the camera the moves between pictures, and so on.

There will be:

  1. an automatic process to guess the layout model after control point generation and automatic alignment.
  2. a user interface to define the layout model.
  3. features that use knowledge of the layout to improve user experience:
    • Optionally image alignment keeps the stacks intact, treating each stack as a set of images with the same position.
    • The output options will reflect the recommended stitching processes for the given images.
    • The makefiles will be able to process stacks, and rows of images more correctly.
    • The images used to make the previews can be filtered by bracket.
    • Places where control points are present and shouldn't be, or not present and should be, can be pointed out to the user. Information about pairs of images can be represented in a table, and also graphically.