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hdrmerge combines multiple overlapping images into a single HDRI (high dynamic range image). It is useful for combining multiple LDR images into a single HDR image. The input images should be in linear colorspace.

There are 2 merge modes available:

  • Average: here the average of each pixel is calculated. Over and under exposure pixel are ignored.
  • Khan: Here the Khan algorithm is used to reduce or eliminate in best case ghosts (e.g. moving objects in the different images).


  • -o|--output prefix: sets the filename for the output
  • -v|--verbose: activates verbose output (for more details during processing).
  • -h|--help: Shows the help
  • -m mode: Sets the merge mode. Can be avg (default) or khan.

If the merge mode is average, the follow parameters can be used

  • -c: Only consider pixels that are defined in all images.

The Khan algorithm can be fine tuned with

  • -i iter: Sets the number of iterations to execute (default is 4).
  • -s sigma: Sets standard deviation of Gaussian weighting function (sigma > 0); default: 30.
  • -a set: Set advanced settings. Possible options are:
    • f: use gray images for computation. It's about two times faster but it usually returns worse results.
    • g: use gamma 2.2 correction instead of logarithm
    • m: do not scale image, NOTE: slows down process