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360 Degrees Of Freedom is a company that produces Windows software for stitching panoramas and authoring virtual tours. A Product comparison chart is avaiable.

The latest version of their flagship product, VRbrochure Professional, has recently been released. Press Release.

Below you can read the experiences of a not so happy user. Have a look at their examples and judge yourself.

--Zarl 10:59, 31 Oct 2005 (EST)

I started using 360DOF around 2001. The results were nice, but the quality was pretty poor. As I decided to upgrade the complete product, the features and quality improved. After spending $900 on the program and it's upgrades, I have stopped using it, and was offered a full refund when I requested it. In my opinion (R. Drew) the cost does not justify the benefit. They come out with a new version every few months and have a publically available upgrade policy. Even if the new version contains new features and new software components, along with bug fixes, you have to pay.

I would not recommend this software to anyone. Creating tours is time-consuming drudgery. The interface is outmoded and not user friendly at all. The old flash viewer used to be buggy (it displayed seams), and the exported files were of low quality. The last nail in the proverbial coffin is the lack of customer support.

--Add360.com 02:43, 30 Oct 2005 (EST)