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Basic Library

Most software listed on this page will need the pano12.dll library to work. You will find this bundled with the Panorama tools

Stitching Software

  • Panorama_tools is a high quality Open Source panorama stitching software package.
  • Hugin (free, Open Source GUI)
  • Autostitch (currently free, fully functional demo) - powerful and fast!
  • PhotoVISTA Creates panoramas and 360�'s. Commercial. Available for Windows and Mac.


  • Autopano automatically identifies control points. Works on the command line or as a plug-in for Hugin, PTAssembler, PTGUI
  • Enblend overlays images so to make the seam invisible. Works on the command line or as a plug-in for Hugin and PTGUI
  • Remallax removes some parallax of hand-shot panoramas prior to stitching. Just a project in inception, nothing usable available
  • APClean is a program that can be used to quickly remove wrong control points (sometimes created by Autopano) from a PTGui project file. It can also be used to see which image pairs are linked by control points.
  • PanoCube converts equirectangular (360�x180�) panos to QuickTime cubic movies. Freeware (Windows) and more featured shareware (Windows, Linux) versions.
  • PanoLink inter links QuickTime cubic movies.
  • Pano2QTVR is a new and very promising Windows freeware project to convert equirectangular (360�x180�) panos to QuickTime cubic movies and link them together to virtual tours. Includes Hotspot Editor.




Plugins for the Gimp

The Gimp is a sophisticated image editor similar to Photoshop.

There are several panoramic photography related gimp plugins that can be used to manipulate panoramas.


  • PTViewer Original panotools viewer. Recent versions are 3.1.2 from Helmut Dersch (capable of adaptive dynamic range display) and 2.7L2 from Fulvio Senore with better interpolator and numerous additions to the original Dersch version 2.5
  • FSPViewer: A fast viewer for local, high resolution panoramic images.
  • SPi-V Hardware accelerated full screen viewer based on Shockwave 3D with very smooth movement and possibilities for special effects.
  • panoglview: an open source hardware accelerated viewer for equirectangular panoramas.
  • FlashVR Flash based viewer, hot spot and menu functions.

can somebody please link to other tools?

Virtual Tour Software

  • PanoLink - Basic linking for QuickTime MOV files. Technically a "helper" but it does much more.
  • Pano2QTVR - Another, easier to use, linking package for Quicktime MOV files. Technically a "helper" but it does much more.
  • Imatronics Panorama Express - Supports stock and custom donut images (oneshot lenses) and 360x360 (if you feel like going upside-down!)
  • 3D Vista - Another easy to use tour creater, but with less options.

Non-Panoramic use

  • PTLens lens distortion correction
  • GIMP: Save Layers in seperate files. Little Helper for Multilayer TIFF. If you are using multilayer tiff with GIMP for optimizing blending, you might need this script for saving every layer to a seperate file. Download


  • QImage is a commercial tool for printing up to 100.000 pixels wide images on roll paper even across paper size limitations (on some printers)