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Full Name / Location

Peter Nyfeler / Davos, Switzerland


My first camera I bought was an Olympus C 2000 Z in 1999 and works fine till now.
In 2001, I saw this nice panoramas on the web and was fascinated. It was unbelievable
for me to spinning around, up and down.

Since that time I have a virus called panorama.I bought a coolpix 4500 with all the
necessary parts to produce panoramas.

It was a really hard time to collect all the informations about panorama shooting and panotools.
Probably I took the wrong direction, because I first learned all about taking panoramas
and after this I learned how to take good photos.


Current Equipment



  • Coolpix 4500
  • Fisheye Converter FC-E8
  • Wideangle Converter WC-E63
  • Cullmann Lightweight tripod
  • Monopod Head
  • Tripod Head

WWP Panoramas

See my contribution to WorldWidePanorama here

Mirror Ball Cap

Here you can find an easy way to cover the tripod in an equirectangular (PSphere) panorama with a cap that looks like mirror ball.
There is also link where you can download the Photoshop action to produce this mirror ball.