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== Full Name ==
== Full Name / Location ==
Peter Nyfeler
Peter Nyfeler<br>
Davos, Switzerland
== About ==
== About ==

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Full Name / Location

Peter Nyfeler

Davos, Switzerland


My first camera I bought was an Olympus C 2000 Z in 1999 and works fine till now.
In 2001, I saw this nice panoramas on the web and was fascinated. It was unbelievable
for me to spinning around, up and down.

Since that time I have a virus called panorama.I bought a coolpix 4500 with all the
necessary parts to produce panoramas.

It was a really hard time to collect all the informations about panorama shooting and panotools.
Probably I took the wrong direction, because I first learned all about taking panoramas
and after this I learned how to take good photos.


Current Equipment



  • Coolpix 4500
  • Fisheye Converter FC-E8
  • Wideangle Converter WC-E63
  • Tripod Head

Added items to this wiki

More to come soon....

Mirror Ball Cap

Here you can find an easy way to cover the tripod in an equirectangular (PSphere) panorama with a cap that looks like mirror ball.
There is also link where you can download the Photoshop action to produce this mirror ball.