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* Homepage: [http://homepage.mac.com/ippei_ukai/ http://homepage.mac.com/ippei_ukai/]
* Homepage: [http://homepage.mac.com/ippei_ukai/ http://homepage.mac.com/ippei_ukai/]
* E-mail: ippei_ukai (at mac.com
* E-mail: ippei_ukai (at mac.com
** I'm on the "panorama-dev" and "hugin-ptx" mailing list
** I'm on the "panotools-devel" and "hugin-ptx" mailing list
** Facebook: http://ed.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61010523
** Facebook: http://ed.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61010523

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My name is UKAI Ippei (鵜飼一平). I'm Japanese but currently studying in Scotland.


  •  - 2002 Jul.
    • Tokai High School; Nagoya, Japan
  • 2002 Sep. - 2003 Jun.
    • Kwalikum Secondary School; BC, Canada
    • Graduated with completion of grade 12
  • 2004 Sep. -
    • The University of Edinburgh, Scotland
    • BSc (Honours) in Computational Linguistics (expected to complete in 2008)


I sometimes take Panorama photos. [1]

I'm a Mac user, and before start stitching any photos, I had to port hugin to Mac. It took me long, but, hey, it's open source:) The Mac binary of hugin is still maintained by me, as well as the Japanese localisation for all platforms (though I use my computer in English).


My programming probably started with BASIC at school and AppleScript at home while I was in Junior High. I've written a simple 3D engine in QuickBASIC at my school, but didn't run fast enough... AppleScript went as far as AppleScript could go then. My father bought me a Java book around the same time and at least got the concept of OOP, but lost interest quickly mainly because old Mac OS did not have great support for Java. I had fun with a basic JavaScript programming as well [2].

Finally while I was in Canada, I've properly learnt computing for the first time, and passed the AP Computer Science AB, which was the last time they are using C++ for that course. At the same time, I was reading a lot about Objective-C on then new Mac OS X, and practise a bit more of Java and UNIX.

Currently I'm most comfortable with Java for writing programs, but C++, Objective-C, bash, and JavaScript are more or less all intelligible to me.


I have written the WidgetTerm, the terminal emulator Dashboard Widget. [3]

The idea was there ever since Apple revealed OS X 10.4 for developers. I just implemented it one summer, and it's still downloaded average about 35/day.


The Mac port of hugin took me really long before I finally identified the crucial bug in wxMac 2.5.2 onwards (eventually I fixed it by myself...).

Once having found flipping back to 2.5.1 solves the problem, I have added many platform specific modification to make it acceptable for Mac platform. Those include the bundle packaging, automatic locale selection (Mac OS X has priority locale selection like those of web browsers; unlike the model used by hugin and many others where only one preference can be selected), and file opening AppleEvents (needed to let files opened from other application like Finder the file browser).

I have also submitted a lot of bug reports to wxWidgets, and have fixed some of them by myself. I think their problem is more in the attitudes of releasing stable version while Mac version is still annoyingly buggy. The wxMac development is not so fast that new features are added before the previous bugs are squashed and it never gets completed. I sincerely hope some one takes their SoC project, and improve wxMac quality assurance a bit [4]. Me? I would've loved to, but I've got strong tie with hugin and panotools:) Besides, I know no other application than hugin that uses wxWidgets in this extent (20 XRCs and many of them have custom controls with DC painting), and I'm quite sure most other applications are happy with wxMac as it is.