Uploading Wiki Related Files

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The wiki itself allows to upload only a few kinds of files, such as images and sounds.

If you want to upload another kind of file, for example a Photoshop action or a PTGui project file, you must put it on the panotools.info FTP site. Instructions for doing this can be read here.

Once your file is uploaded, you can refer to it in the wiki by creating an "External link" like [http://panotools.info/members/wiki/JamesBond/your_file].

Update (11 May 2006), [1]:

 Panotools Members,
 I have removed the public FTP account on the PanoTools.Info site. This has
 become a major security risk and will no longer be supported. If there is
 some reason you need a file on the site to support your wiki contribution,
 please contact Bert or myself for help. The wiki update did allow uploading
 new file types but you will have to read the release notes for more details.
 John Spikowski
 PanoTools Administrator