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== Plugins for the [[Gimp]] ==
== Plugins for the [[Gimp]] ==
[[gimp_pandora_plugin|pandora plugin]]
[[gimp_PanoTools_plugin|PanoTools plugin]]
[[gimp_phfluuh_plugin|phfluuh plugin]]
[[gimp_Wideangle_plugin|Wideangle plugin]]
== Non-Panoramic use ==
== Non-Panoramic use ==

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Basic Library

Panorama Tools is a high quality and free panorama stitching software package.

Stitching Software

Hugin provides an easy to use graphical user interfaces for Panorama Tools. There is a FreeBSD Port under preparation


Autopano automatically identifies control points. Works with Hugin, PTAssembler, PTGUI

Enblend overlays images so to make the seam invisible. Works as a plug-in for Hugin, PTAssembler, PTGUI




Plugins for the Gimp

pandora plugin

PanoTools plugin

phfluuh plugin

Wideangle plugin

Non-Panoramic use

PT Lens lens distortion correction

Other Software