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<small>--[[User:Erik Krause|Erik Krause]] 15:22, 7 Nov 2005 (EST)</small>
<small>--[[User:Erik Krause|Erik Krause]] 15:22, 7 Nov 2005 (EST)</small>
== Re: categories ==
Not much time here either :-( another category could be '''people''', since there are a few pages
that are just about particular people:
* [Category:People]
<small>--[[User:Bruno|Bruno]] 16:24, 7 Nov 2005 (EST)</small>

Latest revision as of 22:24, 7 November 2005

Are the red links wanted tutorials or are they to come? Would be nice to have some comment here to avoid double work. Erik Krause 06:48, 24 Apr 2005 (EDT)


[edit] who add content

I will soon add content in the following tutorials:RAW workflow with Photoshop / Retouching broken lines in Photoshop / Creating object movies with PanoTools / Philosphere

Other red links were added by me to complete this section but need also content from someone else, please fill in.....

--Pitdavos 13:26, 24 Apr 2005 (EDT)

[edit] add content

Feel free if you want to ad content for 'Stitching Nadir Shots' but please state here if you want to. May be I'll add later... Erik Krause 16:36, 24 Apr 2005 (EDT)

[edit] Rating stars

I just created a set of rating stars:

Beginner RatingStars1.jpg
Advanced RatingStars2.jpg
Pro RatingStars3.jpg

Let me know what you think about them
--Pitdavos 17:37, 27 Apr 2005 (EDT)

How about a "volume" like progress indicator using the same colors. (a bit smaller)

John - 04/27/05

[edit] Rating bars

I just created a new set of a rating system:

Beginner RatingBar1.jpg
Advanced RatingBar2.jpg
Pro RatingBar3.jpg

Let me know what you think about them
--Pitdavos 18:40, 28 Apr 2005 (EDT)

Nice Job !

Are you going to replace all the "*" ratings with this ?

Should I? Erik? Others? --Pitdavos 04:27, 29 Apr 2005 (EDT)

[edit] Change stars ?

I think the first star graphics you created are not very clear. My first thought was that you made a mistake since all three look the same. On closer inspection, I noticed that one of the stars is in front of the other ones.

With regards to the volume bars, it is clearer, but I think the 'stars' concept is more accepted. So I would suggest to stick to showing one, two or three stars, but maybe with the 'graphical' stars.


[edit] Rating system

I think both the stars and the bars look great, although both are too large. But I think from the point of easy recognition it should be one, two or three stars. This will be best to see what is ment at first glance.

BTW.: What do you think about the naming (Basic, Nice to know, Specialised)? Erik Krause 05:39, 29 Apr 2005 (EDT)

[edit] Another set

Basic RatingStar 001.jpg
Nice to know RatingStar 002.jpg
Specialised RatingStar 003.jpg

What about these? What is the color of panoramas? ;-)
Pitdavos 15:05, 29 Apr 2005 (EDT)

[edit] Re: Another set

The color of panos? checkered? ;-)

Ok. let's take these.

Erik Krause 16:12, 29 Apr 2005 (EDT)

[edit] Categories required?

Looking at the uncategorised pages list, it looks to me like the tutorials should be categorised together using the existing star system:

  • [Category:Tutorial:Beginnner]
  • [Category:Tutorial:Intermediate]
  • [category:Tutorial:Advanced]

Another new category that might be useful would help to build the glossary page:

  • [Category:Glossary]

I know there was some dispute about this stuff before, though I can't remember how it all went.

[edit] Re: Categories required?

Good idea! But I won't use "Beginner" and so on but the names we gave the ratings on the tutorial page:

  • Basic need
  • Nice to know
  • Specialised

Could you do it? I'm short of time ATM...

--Erik Krause 15:22, 7 Nov 2005 (EST)

[edit] Re: categories

Not much time here either :-( another category could be people, since there are a few pages that are just about particular people:

  • [Category:People]

--Bruno 16:24, 7 Nov 2005 (EST)

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