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== Category ==
#redirect [[Talk:How stitching works]]
I put this article in the category Info, but I don't know whether this is ok. I'd appreciate, if there where ideas for another or for a new category, where such articles fit better. Suggestions which other articles should be in such a category are welcome, too.
<small>--[[User:Erik Krause|Erik Krause]] 21:23, 30 April 2008 (CEST)</small>
Hmm, I'd say it seems like a school lesson explaining how things work. I can imagine at least 2 subclasses fort this kind: Lessons explaining how it technically works and lessons explaining how to shoot/choose a composition. These are not tutorials, because a tutorial tells you step by step how to do a job. Possible titles for the category that come to mind are: Classroom, Lectures, Primers, Howitworks, Understanding. A native english speaker could probably come up with the word that says it all. So you'd get something like:
* Classroom:Stitcher technology
* Classroom:Panorama photography
This page would be in the first category. The second category would be good for e.g. composition tips and tips on setting up your camera.
<small>--[[User:Serge|Serge]] 13:18, 1 May 2008 (CEST)</small>
I'd say it is an introduction to stitching, and the almost top of a pyramid. Prior to it is shooting, and after it is publishing. This one is Stitching. <b>I second Serge's idea</b>. I'm no native language speaker and have no alternative keywords to offer. I'd prefer "HowItWorks".
IMO it would make sense to add list of links under each step of the process (remapping, exposure, blending), to
* related tutorials/"HowTo"
* more detailed HowItWorks
* software used or, better, to a comparison of them
If the above exist.
I would <b>remove the time element</b> from it (2008). If a time element is needed, I'd put it into a blog, and just keep here the latest version. Could be interesting to have a "historical" timeline of stitching later on.
Last but not least, I'd link this page, once it is the top of the pyramid described above, on the <b>Main Page</b>, where there are three automated site overviews (which I'd rather put in the end, like books have their (automated) index at the end and link this page inside "Working with the Panorama Tools". This page shows to the new reader what advantage he will get if he dwelves into reading the details of the wiki and belongs IMO even before the "Getting started" page.
<small>--[[User:Yuval|Yuval]] 14:03, 1 May 2008 (CEST)</small>
What does a native speaker think about '''Background'''? Or is '''How it works''' better?
<small>--[[User:Erik Krause|Erik Krause]] 20:18, 1 May 2008 (CEST)</small>

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