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I apologize for re-inserting the Platform neutral link to the main page. If the Panorama Tools community thinks that there's no platform neutral "category" it's fine with me. I will then add a link to the Remallax project from both the Windows and Mac page.

Happy editing and community sharing!... Remallax :-)

there is no such thing as "platform neutral" software. categorizing software under "platform neutral" does not help user choose software for their platform nor does it help them choosing a platform based on the functionality offered. I will leave the entry until we discuss this out, but please discussion in the yahoo group or in direct emails as the wiki is very new and not many in the community have accessed it yet.


I think it's useful to add a "~~~~" to each comment of a discussion, which includes the author and a date. So others know who wrote what and when.

Smensch01 02:07, 4 Dec 2004 (EST)