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I feel pretty unhappy that this Wiki appears not have a licence, despite a claim to the contrary that brought me to this page. What's wrong with the standard licence?

Roger Williams

Yes, the confusion should be cleared up. The note at the bottom of this editing page says that the GNU Free Documentation License is used, altho elsewhere in this wiki it suggests it is not decided. Clarity is needed.

Fred Swartz


Can you nail down this license issue with the wiki. I want to make sure everyone feels comfortable with adding content to the wiki and knowing their work won't be exploited.

Thanks !


I hadn't noticed that there was a GFDL license statement at the bottom whenever a page is edited. This means that all the existing content is already under the GFDL and that adding or changing licenses at this stage is probably impractical.

This is fine, the GFDL license is good enough. I've modified the text in License and PanoTools:Copyrights to point this out explicitly. If you find time it would be useful to put a statement in the footer of each page.

By the way, the one thing that is common with all these 'Open Source' licenses is that exploiting the work is encouraged. There is nothing to stop somebody taking the whole thing and repackaging it as a book for sale.


How about adding it to the "Disclaimers" page? This shows up at the bottom of each page.