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The 4x GoPro HD backpack streetview rig by Matt McClelland:<br>
The 4x GoPro HD backpack streetview rig by Matt McClelland:<br>
=Unavoidable parallax error=
=Unavoidable parallax error=

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Now that streetview rigs become affordable for amateur usage it is time to cover the stitching process.
This page is thought as a starting point. Please add your findings.

Whats the difference to a panorama rig?

Streetview rigs

  • have more that one camera.
  • take all images at once, not one image after another.
  • always have a parallax error.
  • streetview rigs are most likely for automated mass-production of panoramas.

What does a streetview rig look like?

Amateur streetview rigs by Jan Martin:
First model from a 360 degree security camera:
Second model from 2x Canan A570 IS cameras and 2x Nikon FC-E8 fisheye conversion lens:
The 4x GoPro HD backpack streetview rig by Matt McClelland:

Unavoidable parallax error

In theory the best result one can expect from a multi-camera rig (aka streetview rig) is a stitching error that is the size of the largest distance of the lenses of the rig. So if the streetview rig has two lenses whose NPP (no parallax (error) points)are 7 cm away, 7cm also is the smallest stitching error on can hope for. Therefore it is desirable to place the lenses as close as possible together. To reduce stitching errors it also is desirable to have the light falling through all the lenses meet in one (virtual) point in the middle of the rig. And have all the lenses in the same distance from this point.

How to determine the lens parameters for a streetview rig?

See http://www.diy-streetview.org/how-to-lens-parameters

Depending on the number of cameras your streetview rig has, you need to turn it differently.
What's needed is a 50% overlap.

How to make a hugin template for stitching streetviews?

See http://www.diy-streetview.org/2010/02/27/streetviews-by-hugin

How to do mass-stitching?

See http://www.diy-streetview.org/how-to-stitch-all-files-in-a-folder

Copyright notice by Jan Martin:
I hereby grant the right to use texts from my website http://www.diy-streetview.org in this wiki.