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* [ mathworld on stereographic projection]
* [ mathworld on stereographic projection]
* [ wikipedia page on stereographic projection]
* [ wikipedia page on stereographic projection]
== Comparison with standard fisheye ==
== Comparison with standard fisheye ==

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Circular sterographic projection, based on Ben Kreunen equirectangular example

stereographic is an alternative fisheye Projection which is conformal, making it more suitable for printing than standard fisheye images which are extremely distorted at the edges.

All versions of the pano12 library since 2.8.1 have supported this and some other novel projections. Various GUI front-ends including hugin and PTAssembler now support it directly.

Comparison with standard fisheye

Example of a standard fisheye, Medinet Habu first courtyard
Example of a stereographic image, Medinet Habu first courtyard

Stereographic 'little planet' images

Little planet images are a nice way to represent a spherical scene without requiring a panorama viewer, stereographic is generally superior to standard fisheye Projection for these images.

standard fisheye little planet
sterographic little planet
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