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Alphabetical list: {{compactTOC}}
==Alphabetical list: ==
* To add an entry for a software, first click the appropriate letter in the table of contents.
* Click on the "<nowiki>[edit]</nowiki>" link next to the appropriate section's header.
* Add your software in alphabetical order as an internal link '''<nowiki>* [[Meaningful Software Name]]</nowiki>'''. This will link to your '''new software page'''.
category=Software|Software:Platform|Software:Platform:Linux|Software:Platform:Mac|Software:Platform:Mac OS X|Software:Platform:Windows
* No external links on this page please.
* Limit the entry on this page to on line. No description.
* Click on the "Save page" button to save your editing.
* On the saved page, you will see '''Meaningful Software Name''' as a red link. If it is not red, a pages by that name already exist. Check if it refers to the software you were trying to add and if it does not, find another meaningful name for your software and retry.
* Click on the red link to start editing your new software page.
* You are more or less free to edit your software page as you please. It is recommeded that you read the hints provided below and use this [[Software Entry Template]].
* Try to use as little fancy HTML as possible.
* It is recommended that you subscribe to the page by clicking on the "watch" link on top. So you will be notified when somebody edits your page.
* Thank you for cooperating in making this software map as complete as possible so that the new as well as the experienced panographer can find proper tools for his trade!
== A ==
* [[Autopano]]
* [[Autostitch]]
== B ==
== C ==
* [[Contrast Masking Actions]]
* [[Contrast Blending Actions]]
== D ==
== E ==
* [[Enblend]]
* [[Enblend Front End]]
== F ==
* [[FSPViewer]]
== G ==
* [[Panorama Gimp plug-in]]
* [[Gimp]]
== H ==
* [[Hugin]]
== I ==
* [[ImageMagick]]
* [[Immervision]]
* [[Ipix]]
== J ==
== K ==
== L ==
* [[LiveStage Professional]]
== M ==
== N ==
* [[noiseRemove]] Averages multiple exposures for noise suppression.
== O ==
== P ==
* [[gimp_pandora_plugin|pandora plugin]] for the gimp
* [[Pano2QTVR]]
* [[panoCube]]
* [[panoLink]] is a program for linking Quicktime cubic movies
* [[panoglview]]
* [[panoviewer]]
* [[panoweaver]]
* [[Panorama tools]]
* [[Panorama Gimp plug-in|PanoTools plugin]] for the gimp
* [[gimp_phfluuh_plugin|phfluuh plugin]] for the gimp
* [[Photoshop]]
* [[PTAssembler]]
* [[PTEditor]]
* [[PTGUI]]
* [[PTViewer 2.7L2]]
* [[PTLens]]
* [[PTShift]]
== Q ==
* [[QImage]]
* [[Quicktime]]
== R ==
* [[Remallax]]
== S ==
* [[SmartBlend]]
* [[SPi-V]]
== T ==
== U ==
== V ==
== W ==
* [[gimp wideangle plugin]] for the gimp
== X ==
== Y ==
== Z ==
== 0 - 9 ==
== others ==

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Alphabetical list:

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