SoC 2010 student proposals

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Student info and a short project synopsis, for each project application for Google summer of code 2010. See the template below. Use your user page to describe your project in detail.

Student name: Project Title

  • Your name, course, and institution
  • A Short description of your coding experience. We mostly want to know about C++ and C. An example of some code you wrote would be nice.
  • Mention any other open source, Hugin, or Panotools contibution you have made.
  • Do you photograph panoramas? You can link to some examples if they are on the web. Other things you do with Hugin, panotools and friends are interesting too.
  • Your main development platform (operating system).
  • A Short description of your project.
  • A Link to your user page: type [[User:Username]] replacing 'Username' with your username. Put a full description of your project on your user page.
  • (When it is available) link to your proposal on the GSoC web app: Type [ Google Proposal]. The space after the URL is important.