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* Fast nearest neighbour matching using cover trees  
* [http://hunch.net/~jl/projects/cover_tree/cover_tree.html Fast nearest neighbour matching using cover trees]

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Robust and efficient matching of local image features.


  • Implementation of the matching step, including geometry based outlier pruning (for example using RANSAC) and nearest neighbour matching, possibly using a fast algorithm such as cover trees. For the panoramic imaging use case, several heuristics could be used to improve the matching behaviour, including using the EXIF timestamps, or previously known approximate orientation of the images. The source code must be licensed under the GPL license.

Expected result

A desired result of the projects would be:

  • Standalone program for the feature matching part, which at the end should accept the features found by the automatic feature detection task. Preliminary studies can be done using the existing SIFT and SURF detector/descriptors.
  • Integration into hugin and a standalone executable similar to Autopano-sift or Autopano

Required knowledge or interest

  • signal or image processing background
  • C or C++ development skills.



  • Pablo d'Angelo
  •  ?

Students planning to apply