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What it is

Smartblend is an application for seamless image blending.

Main goal of smartblend is panoramic image blending, but can be used for other applications, for example seamless texture creation, montage of photos, collage. Smartblend allows stitching of many problem shots (paralaxed, with moving objects, with exposure difference).

For example see the parallax picture below (from described as "impossible to stitch" )

SB Parallax.jpg

Just put one picture into another, and note the great difference.

SB Parallax overlapped.jpg

Picture below is blended by smartblend.

SB Blended.jpg

Another smartblend example:

If you don't know what is a "command line application" it can not be usefull for you. But you still can use a frontend for smartblend

Download SmartBlend (16 bit + big files support)

Please test new beta version

How it works

It finds the visual error on overlap region and search seam line with minimal visual error. Than it blend pictures with algorithm similar to multiresolution spline.

To study algorithms and options use “–SeamVerbose” and “-PyramidVerbose” commands.

There is a good tutorial, but it's available only in Russian. Anyone to translate it?

Welcome to anyone who wants to improve this smartblend, write a tutorial and other.

--Erik Krause 15:39, 20 July 2006 (CEST) (Text taken from original smartblend home page)