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There are basically three types of viewers for spherical panoramas:

  • Java based Viewers run on any platform that supports Java.
  • Plugin based viewers require a plugin (Quicktime, Shockwave) to run and might be platform specific.
  • Stand alone viewers that are executables for a specific platform.

Java based Viewers



There are some commercial Java based viewers. Most of them are either a PTViewer clone or less functional. (Please add something about commercial Java viewers)

Plugin based Viewers

Apple Quicktime

Quicktime is available for Apple Macintosh and Windows. Requieres panorama in QT movie format. (Panocube converts from equirectangular to .mov on Windows)


SPi-V is a very sophisticated and smoothe viewer based on Macromedia Shockwave that handles panoramas completeley in graphics card memory.

Stand alone Viewers


FSPViewer is a free hardware accelerated stand alone viewer by Fulvio Senore