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There are basically three types of viewers for spherical panoramas:

  • Java based Viewers run on any platform that supports Java.
  • Plugin based viewers require a plugin (Quicktime, Shockwave) to run and might be platform specific.
  • Stand alone viewers that are executables for a specific platform.

Java based Viewers


  • Panorado Applet - a free java viewer applet - "flat" view, but very fast, thus suited for larger images.


There are some commercial Java based viewers. Most of them are either a PTViewer clone or less functional. (Please add something about commercial Java viewers)

Plugin based Viewers

  • Quicktime is available for Apple Macintosh and Windows. Requires panorama in QTVR movie format. (PanoCube or Pano2QTVR convert from equirectangular to .mov on Windows)
  • SPi-V is a very sophisticated and smooth viewer based on Macromedia Shockwave that handles panoramas completely in graphics card memory.

Stand alone Viewers

  • Quicktime also works as a standalone vewer (Windows, OS X).
  • Panorado is a full-featured image viewer/browser supporting panoramas (JPEG & QTVR). Shareware. (Windows)