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panoinfo is a simple utility built alongside the pano12 library that outputs a list of facts about the currently installed version of pano12. This is useful for debugging, especially on Windows, where it is sometimes difficult to guess which of a number of identically named DLL files is in use.

Here is a typical output, notice that the version of the library is, the maximum fisheye field of view has been artificially limited to 160 degrees to prevent the use of fisheye lenses and that this version of the library has been built with Java support (note that these things are configurable if you build pano12 from sourcecode):

libpano12 properties and features:
Pano12 file version:
Comment:        Fastest
Copyright:      Copyright � 1999, 2000, 2001 Helmut Dersch

Optimizer Error:        dist sphere
Max FoV:                160.000000

Feature List:

  CPErrorIsDistSphere: 1
  NumLensTypes: 5
  CanCropOutside: 1
  CanHaveNegativeCP: 1
  MaxFFOV: 160
  LongVersion: , Copyright (c) 1998-2001, H. Dersch, der@fh-furtwangen.de
  LegalCopyright: Copyright � 1999, 2000, 2001 Helmut Dersch
  Comments: Fastest
  LensType0: Normal (rectilinear)
  LensType1: Cylindrical
  LensType2: Circular
  LensType3: Full Frame
  LensType4: Equirectangular
  LensMask0: R
  LensMask1: R
  LensMask2: C
  LensMask3: R
  LensMask4: R
  Patch200504a: Douglas Wilkins, Java support enabled
  Patch200502a: Joost Nieuwenhuijse, Crop outside of image, http://www.ptgui.com
  Patch200410a: Jim Watters, JPEG optimization, http://photocreations.ca/panotools
  FastTransform01: Fulvio Senore, Fast transform, http://www.fsoft.it/panorama/pano12.htm
  Patch200407a: Rik Littlefield, Kevin Kratzke, & Jim Watters, Fix multiple bugs - PSD, 16bit
  MaskFromFocus_001: Rik Littlefield, added mask-from-focus, http://www.janrik.ptools
  Patch200405a: Rik Littlefield, Improved optimizer, http://www.janrik.ptools
  Patch200403a: Kevin Kratzke, Radial Shift fix, http://www.kekus.com
  Patch200312a: Jim Watters, Updated PSD format, http://photocreations.ca/panotools
  Patch200309a: Jim Watters, Allowed linking of y, p, & r values, http://photocreations.ca/panotools
  Patch200308a: Jim Watters, Improved Radial Luminance, http://photocreations.ca/panotools