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'''PanoSalado''' is an open source [[Flash]] based viewer for  
'''PanoSalado''' is an open source [[Flash]] based player/viewer for  
[[cubic]], [[equirectangular]] ([[spherical]]), [[cylindrical]] and [[QTVR]] panoramas.
[[cubic]], [[equirectangular]] ([[spherical]]), [[cylindrical]] and [[QTVR]] panoramas.

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PanoSalado is an open source Flash based player/viewer for cubic, equirectangular (spherical), cylindrical and QTVR panoramas.

It supports 2D & 3D hotspots, audio, video, and being extended via XML or directly via Actionscript (AS3). PanoSalado is based upon a (modified) Papervision3D core, and like Papervision is open source.

PanoSalado was begun in 2007 & formally announced in April of 2008. It was and continues to be a collaborative effort of Patrick Cheatham (Berkeley) and Zephyr Renner (Las Vegas).

See PanoSalado's blog, download source and examples from the GoogleCode repository, and view a live example.

PanoSalado can be used online in a Web browser, and offline in a standalone Flash Projector or as incorporated into an AIR application.

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