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PanoLink is a program for linking Quicktime cubic movies into virtual tours. It works under all Windows versions. Although it's small (executable is about 20 KB in size) it's selfcontaining - you don't need any other programs/libriaries to run it. The program has no GUI and works in the following way:

  1. First you drag and drop your movie onto the program icon/shortcut - it splits the movie onto six cube faces;
  2. Next you need to create the script explaining location of hotspots and links properties:
    1. If you need just rectangular hotspots all work is done through the script only;
    2. If you need free shape hotspots you paint them with an external image editor and supply just links properties to the script;
  3. Finally just drag and drop the script onto the program icon/shortcut to get a hotspotted QuickTime movie.

With PanoLink you can:

  • create up to 255 hotspots on any cube faces;
  • create three types of hotspots;
  • create rectangular hotspots with built-in painter (quick way);
  • create free form hotspots with external image editor (slower);
  • preserve all source movie's user data.

PanoLink may not work with:

  • movies compressed other than with JPEG;
  • cylinder movies;
  • cubic movies with splitted tiles;
  • movies with embedded sprites or sounds.

PanoLink is very small and quick (it creates and paints large hotspot tiles quicker than any image editor can open them).

PanoLink is the only Windows program to create 100% PTViewer (Java) compatible hotspots - you could view the same QuickTime movie with QuickTime or Java.

PanoLink is distributed under a "Single User License" at the introductory price of $25.00 US.

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