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A very new and real promising Windows freeware project by Thomas Rauscher to convert equirectangular (360�x180�) panos to QuickTime cubic movies and link them together to virtual tours.

Features until now (28 Jul 2005):

  • converting equirectangular to QTVR (.mov files).
  • converting equirectangular to single cube face files (either JPG or TIFF)
  • setting of PTStitcher interpolator and interpolator gamma for cube face creation
  • cube face creation with an optional external JPG compressor
  • assembling single cube face files into a QTVR (.mov file)
  • creating hotspots in an internal hotspot editor using various forms (round, elliptic, rectangle, rounded rectangle, polygon)
  • setting of most (if not all?) QTVR parameters like f.e. pan, tilt and Field of View defaults and limits, title, description, author, date and time, copyright, source, comment...

Pano2QTVR page: