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History and Versions

PTViewer is the spherical and cylindrical panorama viewer originally distributed with the Panorama tools package. It currently is available in some different flavours:

  • The last version of PTViewer from Helmut Dersch before he closed his page is 2.5 and can be found on some Mirrors of this page.
  • PTViewer development moved to Sourceforge in 2003 but didnt yield reasonable results til now (?)
  • Fulvio Senore presented the first beta of his PTViewer version on 18 Jan 2004 which used a far better interpolator (Lanczos2, hence the version line was called 'L2') which is constantly developped since then now having reached 2.7 final and 2.8 beta state: See for details
  • Around christmas 2003 Helmut Dersch introduced PTViewer 3 which as major new feature had HDR (High Dynamic Range) capabilites with a floating point extension to the jpeg format (called fjpg) and adaptive dynamic range in the viewer. This version has grown to 3.1.2 until now. See for details.
  • 20 May 2004 he came out with PTViewerME, a version for PDAs and Mobile Devices running on J2ME, Sun's microedition runtime for the Java language. Details again on


Since there are so many versions it's difficult to maintain a comprehensive list of features of PTViewer. I start with the slightly edited feature list found in the PTViewer 2.4 documentation (please correct and add):

  • Spherical and Cylindrical Panorama Playback: Horizontal field of view: 360�, Vertical field of view 0-180�.
  • Playback of Quicktime VR panoramas (Cylinders and Cubes) and Object movies (eventually using PTMViewer extension).
  • Display of rectilinear Images using optional PTZoom extension (not all versions)
  • Panning, tilting and zooming. Full navigation using either mouse or keyboard.
  • High Quality bilinear rendering as found in better plug-in viewers, even better Lanczos2 interpolation in the L2 version line.
  • Antialiasing for display of high resolution images.
  • Image and window size only limited by Java system memory.
  • Link any document to any point in the image using hotspots.
  • Configurable Controls in Appletwindow.
  • Complete VR-Tours in Browsers and Appletviewer.
  • Scriptable via html/javascript and internal scripting system
  • Tiny file size (25-70kByte) for fast download.
  • Package all files into one self-displaying tour using the Jar-utility.
  • Display 3D-objects, Panorama Movies and animations using auxiliary helper applets included in the distribution.
  • Supports fast downloading low resolution preview panoramas and high resolution zoomable features (ROI).
  • Optional protection of panoramas and images by encryption.

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