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PTStitcher is one of the core applications of Panorama tools, together with PTOptimizer and the Panorama Tools Plugins.

For stitching panoramas you most probably wont get in contact with PTStitcher frequently, since the scripting is moe or less completely done by the GUIs PTMac, PTGui, PTAssembler, hugin and some tools like PanoCube.

However, there are several occasions where you might need to write or at least understand the scripts or call PTStitcher directly (for some batch tasks f.e.).


The PTStitcher source code was never published, hence there are no changes possible to certain functions. But since a considerable part of it's functionality is in pano12 library, PTStitcher benefits from every update of this core library.

You can take PTStitcher from any of the panotools distribution on one of the Mirrors. In order to use new functionality you need a recent copy of pano12 library.

There is a freeware replacement for PTStitcher called nona in the hugin project which has much (but not all) of the PTStitcher features.


PTStitcher is script driven. The scripts are in pure text format and can be edited with any text or programming editor (on windows notepad will do).

They are processed on a line by line basis. Each line starts with a special character (case sensitive) that indicates the meaning of the rest of the line. All other first in line characters are ignored and considered comments.


Most features of PTStitcher are conveniently accessible by the usual GUIs (see top), but some are not.

Accessible by GUI

PTStitcher can stitch

The capabilities of PTStitcher go far beyond panorama stitching: It can be used

Acessible by Script or other Tool

PTStitcher can be used stand alone or with some other (non-GUI) Tool:


Information on how to create and use PTStitcher scripts can be found on the web and on the wiki:

Calling from the command line

PTStitcher can be called from the command line (this is what all GUIs do, too). More Information in the PTStitcher Readme

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