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*[[Circular cropping values in PTGui]]  
*[[Circular cropping values in PTGui]] {{RateStar|1}}
*[[Edit zenith and nadir in one go with PTGui]]  
*[[Edit zenith and nadir in one go with PTGui]] {{RateStar|2}}
*[[Extracting and inserting rectilinear Views]]
*[[Extracting and inserting rectilinear Views]] {{RateStar|1}}
*[[Full 16 bit workflow]]
*[[Full 16 bit workflow]] {{RateStar|3}}
*[[How to stitch flat images]]
*[[How to stitch flat images]] {{RateStar|1}}
*[[How to use enblend for patching zenith and nadir images]]
*[[How to use enblend for patching zenith and nadir images]] {{RateStar|2}}
*[[Leveling a Finished Panorama]]
*[[Leveling a Finished Panorama]] {{RateStar|2}}
*[[Perspective correction]]
*[[Perspective correction]] {{RateStar|1}}
*[[Stitching Nadir Shots]]
*[[Stitching Nadir Shots]] {{RateStar|2}}
*[[Unusual remappings]]
*[[Unusual remappings]] {{RateStar|3}}
*[[Using Autopano-SIFT With PTGui]]
*[[Using Autopano-SIFT With PTGui]] {{RateStar|2}}

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PTGui Homepage

A clean and widely used GUI for the panotools under Windows. Shareware. (30 days trial, 65 EUR). PTGui has an enormous amount of features which implies a steep learning curve. For some of the features see tutorials section below.

User Comments

I've been using PTGUI for about a year now and I am very happy with it. In combination with Autopano and Enblend it makes for an almost care-free system that allow me to concentrate on the photography rather than on the computing. The user interface is intuitive although I miss the possibility to zoom on a section of the panorama and do micropositioning (keys to move images by one pixel in the four directions, rotate left or right by a degree, "shrink or expand" an image). Maybe a feature for future versions?

Yuval 17:33, 6 Dec 2004 (EST)




There is a rating system indicated by Spezialised's:
Basic need : Basic need (You are interested in panoramic photography and stitching and need to know basics)
Nice to know : Nice to know (You have basic knowledge and want to learn more)
Spezialised : Specialised (You want to get the most of your equipement)