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PTEditor is a Java based tool that displays a spherical panorama much the same way like PTViewer. To use PTEditor you must have Java installed. If you want to start PTEditor by double click make sure JAR files are linked to the Java Virtual Machine.

Once you started PTEditor you get an empty window with a menu. Choose 'File -> Open Panorama' from the menu to load a panorama. PTEditor loads equirectangular panorama files in Jpeg, PNG, TIFF or BMP format.

Once you loaded a file you can pan and tilt to any position you want using the mouse or zoom in and out using + or - key. If you select 'Edit -> Extract partial view' from the Menu the current view will be saved to a file in TIFF format. You can edit this file with any image processor but you shouldn't change pixel size and you should save it with the same name.

If you select 'Edit -> Insert Saved View' the previously saved and edited view is inserted again into the panorama. With menu 'File -> Save Panorama' you can save your work.

If you want to edit large panoramas on windows the Java runtime possibly will run out of memory. In this case you must increase the memory the amount of memory assigned to Java using the command line option -Xmx<size>

This is best done in the open action for JAR file type: Go to explorer menu 'Tools -> Folder options' open 'File types' tab, search for JAR file type and select it. Click 'Advanced', select action 'open', click 'Edit'. In the 'Application used to perform actio' input line place the above parameter after the call to javaw.exe. F.e. ...javaw.exe -Xmx250m -jar... will assign 250 Megabytes of RAM to the Java runtime.