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Basic Library

What do you Mac guys do where we Windows guys use the pano12.dll from the Panorama Tools distribution?

Stitching Software

Which stitching software do you use?


Is there Autopano for Mac?

Is there Enblend for Mac?

Remallax removes some parallax of hand-shot panoramas prior to stitching. Just a project in inception, nothing usable available

photoshop plug-ins

    • Well apparently the Panorama Tools distribution only ever worked on Classic Macintosh OS (pre OS X). So now, the only versions of Panorama Tools that work on OS X are the shareware (not free) application PTMac, and the Linux version of the original distribution, though I'm not sure if anyone has gotten that to work.


  • Quicktime
  • how do you look at your artwork besides Quicktime?

Non-Panoramic use

PT Shift chromatic aberration correction