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(Made revision to note that content is copyrighted by contributors to make clear the distinction between copyright and the license the material is distributed under.)
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* [ GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)]
* [ GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)]
If you edit a page, this license is used, yet it fails to be explicitly stated when pages are viewed.  Making this explicit will avoid disputes about material.
Please [[Talk:License|discuss the license]].
Please [[Talk:License|discuss the license]].
Some other possible future additional licenses are:
* [ GNU General Public License (GPL)]. This would have the advantage of allowing pasting of text directly into the sourcecode of software such as [[Hugin]] or [[pano12]].
* [ Creative Commons Share Alike License (SA)].  This is similar to the GPL but is not specifically concerned with software.

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All content added to this site is copyrighted by its respective editors and licensed under the GFDL with no "Invariant sections" or "Cover Texts".

Please discuss the license.

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