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JATC - Just Another TourCreator

JATC is a free tool to help you creating virtual tours from your panoramas.


   * Creation of complex pano tours or simple single pano
   * Defining hotspots interactively
   * Automatic hotspot creation
   * Defining nadir/cap/flat image
   * Defining map/floorplan (only SPi-V and PurePlayerPro)
   * Preview of tour/pano
   * Create a tour to be viewed with PurePlayer or PurePlayerPro-Plugin or SPi-V 
   * Save and load tour to/from JATC project file

It's written in VB.Net and for this reason only useable on windows machines.

Read more and download from: JATC home

--Helge 13:40, 19 March 2007 (CET)