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Editor's note

Dear reader,

There are strong feelings in the community about Ipix. While we do not expect sympathy for Ipix, we ask you to respect this page by sticking to the facts and leaving quantitative judgements to the reader or to webpages outside this wiki.

Thank you.

About Ipix

Ipix Expensive!

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Some users in the community feel that Ipix has done a lot of harm to the panorama community in the past years. Read more on the issues with Ipix at FFII page.

The Ipix patent was upheld in the case of INTERACTIVE PICTURES v INFINITE PICTURES but has also been challenged by Ford Oxaal of Pictosphere, aka Mind's-Eye View, who also holds patents related to panorama photography. Oxaal and Ipix settled a lawsuit in 2002 or 2003 (date, please?). In 2003, Ipix initiated another lawsuit against Oxaal. In response to this new suit, Oxaal's lawyers filed this brief which contains several challenges to the validity of Ipix's patent. Apparently the case has not been heard in court yet (as of December 9, 2004).