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Hugin_stitch_project stitches a Hugin project file. It provides an GUI interface to select the project file and to select the output folder and output prefix. The project file and the output folder/prefix can also be specified on the command line

   hugin_stitch_project --output=path/to/output/prefix project.pto

If you don't need the project file after stitching it can be deleted automatic at the end of the stitching with the switch --delete.

Internal it creates a temporary makefile for stitching and executes the makefile with make. If you need this functionality without a GUI you can use the following commands on the command line

    pto2mk -o -p prefix project.pto
    make -f all

Hugin_stitch_project makes use of specified alternative programs for enblend and enfuse and their default command line switches. pto2mk can not read the Hugin Preferences and does not use the specifed alternative programs.