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hugin provides a pop-up window showing a preview of the final stitched result. This is a smaller version of the output created by saving to a file in the hugin Stitcher tab with some differences:

  • Reduced resolution input images are used, so some areas can appear blurred that will be sharp in the final output.
  • Seams are not created, images are simply overlaid with the first image at the bottom of the stack and the last at the top.
  • Blending by a tool such as enblend isn't shown.
  • The brightness display of HDR and 16bit images is controlled by settings in the hugin Preferences, these settings are not used when stitching.



This button horizontally pans the output, changing the yaw of the remapped images so they fit to the centre of the output frame. This is useful if there is a lot of black space on the left or right of the output. This also performs a Fit, equivalent to the next button.

Note that centering a Rectilinear Projection or Fisheye Projection panorama will change the perspective, this may be unwanted.


This doesn't change any input image parameters, it just readjusts the output Field of View such that all the input images are visible. If the images are all off-centre, then there will be a lot of black space.


Straightening the panorama optimises the roll and pitch of the input images, levelling the panorama in the process. This normally produces good results, if you need more accurate positioning, try adding vertical control points in the hugin Control Points tab.

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