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7. Make a diff and submit it to the FreeBSD maintainer (see at top).
7. Make a diff and submit it to the FreeBSD maintainer (see at top).
If you would like to know more about porting software to FreeBSD see the [http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/books/porters-handbook/ FreeBSD Porter's Handbook].
==Development versions==
==Development versions==

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Hugin is part of the FreeBSD ports collection. Using the ports collection (and contributing fixes to it) is the recommended way to install Hugin on FreeBSD. The Hugin port is currently maintained by Vasil Dimov <vd (at) FreeBSD.org>.

Install with the port

# su
# cd /usr/ports/graphics/hugin
# make
# make install

Update the port

To track Hugin's releases, after each new release edit the following files in the Ports Collection:

1. Create a directory /usr/ports/graphics/hugin-new with the same contents as /usr/ports/graphics/hugin. Copy the files Makefile, pkg-descr and pkg-plist from /usr/ports/graphics/hugin to /usr/ports/graphics/hugin-new

2. Edit the Makefile:

  • Set PORTVERSION to the name of the new release (e.g. 2011.2.0).
  • Change any necessary build dependencies in LIB_DEPENDS
  • Change any necessary runtime dependencies in RUN_DEPENDS
  • Change any necessary Cmake building arguments in CMAKE_ARGS

3. Run make makesum to create the file distinfo.

4. Check the pkg-plist list of installed files and change if necessary. While it can't be done automatically, the trick is to make PREFIX=/tmp/foobar install and then check the files under /tmp/foobar (assuming it was non-existent before).

5. Probably not necessary: edit the pkg-descr description of Hugin.

6. Build and confirm that it works.

7. Make a diff and submit it to the FreeBSD maintainer (see at top).

If you would like to know more about porting software to FreeBSD see the FreeBSD Porter's Handbook.

Development versions

The FreeBSD Ports Collection expects to get the software in the form of a tarball. When using software checked out of the Mercurial repository, you will need to do some trickery.

One method is to check out the version and then create a tarball for the Ports Collection to use, but it's easier to first check out a released version (for example the latest release) and then replace it with the version from the repository. The following example assumes that the current release is version 2010.4.0:

CARE: The code below was wrong, and would have removed everything. I have modified it so it's not so dangerous, but it's still wrong. Watch this space.

mkdir -p /usr/ports/graphics/hugin-devel
cd /usr/ports/graphics/hugin                  note: the release directory
cp -p Makefile pkg-info pkg-plist distinfor ../hugin-devel
cd ../hugin-devel
make patch                                    extracts the tarball
cd work
mv hugin-2010.4.0 hugin-2010.4.0-old          we currently need this: see below
mkdir hugin-2010.4.0                          this is referred to by the Makefile
cd hugin-2010.4.0        
rm -rf .                                      remove everything
hg up                                         check out the version you want

At this point you currently need to patch the tree. The tclap library that used to be in Hugin has been removed, and until we decide what to do with the FreeBSD build, it will need to be replaced:

mkdir hugin-2010.4.0/src/foreign/tclap
cp -p hugin-2010.4.0-old/src/foreign/tclap/* hugin-2010.4.0/src/foreign/tclap

After this, you can build the version. Change to the FreeBSD build directory, edit Makefile if necessary, and build. If you already have an installed version which you want to keep, you can make a backup of it (second line below):

cd /usr/ports/graphics/hugin-devel
pkg_create -b /var/db/pkg/hugin-2010.4.0          this usage allows file name completion
make install

Note that the Ports Collection stores a number of dummy files in the subdirectory work:

-rw-r--r--   1 grog  lemis        0 Jul 28 12:34 .build_done.hugin._usr_local
-rw-r--r--   1 grog  lemis        0 Jul 28 12:00 .configure_done.hugin._usr_local
-rw-r--r--   1 grog  lemis        0 Jul 25 10:59 .extract_done.hugin._usr_local
-rw-r--r--   1 grog  lemis        0 Jul 25 10:59 .patch_done.hugin._usr_local

These are used by the Makefile to know which steps need to be repeated. In particular, the last two are important: if they're missing, the build directory will be removed and replaced by the release. That's why you need to do a make patch early in the above procedure.

Updating the installation

If you find you need to change something after building or installing (either because of an update or a local bug fix), don't run make clean. That would remove the entire work tree, including the sources. Instead, remove the files work/.build_done.hugin._usr_local and work/.install_done.hugin._usr_local, make the changes, and run make install again.