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quality settings.
quality settings.
= Settings =
A tab in the ''Preferences'' dialog (available from the menu) allows you to customise some [[Hugin Preferences#Assistant|settings]] of the assistant.

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The hugin assistant automates nearly everything needed to create a panorama, just follow these three steps:

1. Load images...

Click on the Load images... button to select the photos you want to use in your panorama.

This tries to identify the field of view of your photos by looking at (EXIF) information stored by the camera itself. If this fails you need to enter the field of view manually, or let hugin calculate it from the Focal Length and Focal length multiplier.

Also select a matching Lens type from the drop-down list. If you are unsure try the default Normal (rectilinear).

2. Align...

Click on Align... will use an automatic tool (the one set as Default in the Control Point Detectors tab of the Preferences) to match images, then use the internal hugin optimiser to align them, correct exposure and white balance.

The result will appear in the hugin Preview window. If this looks good proceed with the third step (the Create panorama... button), otherwise you will need to make some changes to the project in the other tabs of the hugin Main window.

3. Create panorama...

Finally, use Create panorama... to stitch the panorama to an image file with standard quality settings.


A tab in the Preferences dialog (available from the menu) allows you to customise some settings of the assistant.